When is the best time to fish in St. Augustine?

Here in Northeast Florida, we enjoy world-class fishing year-round. Summer brings tropical big game species like tarpon, snook, sailfish, and mahi-mahi to our coastal, nearshore, and offshore waters. We enjoy incredible redfish, seatrout, and flounder fishing in every season. We also enjoy a summer-long king mackerel fishery along our beaches that attracts high-stakes tournament anglers.

In the cooler winter months, we target big sheepshead around bridge pilings and the jetty rocks, and fast troll the offshore ledges for monster wahoo. There truly is no wrong time to fish in St. Augustine.

What kind of fish can you catch in St. Augustine, Florida?

What kind of fish do we catch?

We catch the saltwater gamefish species Florida is most famous for, both inshore and offshore. For many, the highlight is our thriving redfish population. Depending on the season and tides, we find flood-tide tailing fish in the spartina grass and massive spawning fish in our inlets in the fall.

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Here’s a list of what we catch throughout the year:

Inshore & coastal saltwater fish:

  •       Redfish
  •       Seatrout
  •       Flounder
  •       Snook
  •       Sheepshead
  •       Mangrove snapper
  •       Tarpon
  •       Ladyfish
  •       Spanish Mackerel
  •       King Mackerel
  •       False albacore
  •       Bluefish
  •       Sharks

Offshore saltwater fish:

  •       Mahi-mahi (dolphin, dorado)
  •       Wahoo
  •       Sailfish
  •       Tuna (blackfin & yellowfin)
  •       Snapper
  •       Grouper
  •       Triggerfish
  •       Amberjack